The Seren's Como

For more than 2000 years, Lake Como has been revered as one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. Its villas have been home to celebrities, aristocrats, artists, and the world’s wealthiest families for centuries.
Now you can experience paradise in the world’s first Ultra-Luxury Metaverse Mansion. A neoclassical masterpiece created by world-renowned @2bdesignbuild. The astonishing property spans over 200,000 square feet of elegant living space, boasting breathtaking views of the lake and Como mountains. Meticulously designed to exceed the expectations of billionaires and royalty alike. The future owners of the Mansion will savor sunsets reflecting over a sprawling 200-foot swimming pool, attend parties in the private ETHER nightclub, and live out their Hollywood dreams with full access to Ultra-Luxury spaces stacked with supercars, helicopters, jets, and boats.

2000 Limited NFTs

0.5 ETH


Our first NFT collection consists of 2000 collectible scenes. Each digital collectible is a photorealistic video scene of the Seren mansion. Some scenes are more limited. All collectibles grant exclusive access to the Seren in the Metaverse & offer its owners the opportunity to display their NFTs, grant Invitations to exclusive events, and teleport to future 2B mansions & spaces. As a special bonus, each NFT owner will receive a limited-edition ART print of their scene in the Mansion. This 40 x 20-inch ready-to-be-framed Art will ship out to each project owner after the mint date.

Phase 2 – NFT art exhibit. Display your NFTS in pure luxury

Inspired by Oncyber labs 3D exhibition spaces. the Seren will be activated into a private and interactive NFT showroom for our owners. Each NFT holder will be given the ability to upload & display their personal NFT collection in the Mansion and share the link for their custom showroom to their social profiles.



Phase 3 - Limited Releases

Limited NFT releases and airdrops of additional 2B Meta mansions, high-Rise towers, yachts, spaces, and an exclusive 2B profile picture collection. See above for the list of upcoming flagship projects. Many additional spaces will be provided for free to our NFT holders via airdrop.

Phase 4 - events & Teleporting

2B Meta will host exclusive parties for our NFT holders within the metaverse. 2B Meta collectors will access their ultra-luxury mansions within whichever metaverse(s) is voted upon by the owner’s community. The ability to teleport to different 2B Meta spaces. In addition, 2B Meta will merge our luxury Web 3 experiences with the real world by hosting in person events. The first in person event will take place in Lake Como Italy.

Phase 5: Continuation

All our Metaverse Mansions are built in the latest version of Unreal Engine 5, the most powerful gaming software in the world, this brings unlimited possibilities to our projects when it comes to utility. Each Mansion will continue to be updated & upgraded as Web 3 technology evolves.

2B Meta is founded by @2bdesignbuild, a world leader in 3D architectural design. We are fully committed to transitioning our design talents to the metaverse as we see unlimited potential when it comes to creativity in this space. Our Mission is to bring ultra-luxury lifestyle experiences to the masses in the web3 space, where imagination will create reality like never before.




Marketing Manager 


UE5 Art Director


Animation & VFX Manager